Xiamen Sinotok Machinery Co., Ltd.

1.  More than 10 spare parts inventory, to help you in the shortest time to the most reasonable price received needs accessories. Whether you are within the warranty period and the warranty period, we are always providing support for your production.

2.  Maintenance and support:

     In your device before the factory sales service department to establish the archives service for you, every service response time, speed and quality are truthful to record and track, constantly

     upgrading equipment experience to optimize the production.

     Is the purchase of equipment for customers, if models have upgrade mate. You can also choose to upgrade service, only a small number of investment you can make your brand new.

     We believe that only the specificity, focus on the professional technology to achieve the commitment to customers.

3.  Operator training:

    “Management starts with training, training”, and improving the training is the premise of achieving first-class production, we provide the following four ways in the long time when

     customers need to choose:

    1) customers responding to commissioning personnel training (purchase offer);

    2) the customer on-site invited training (need to choose);

    3) customer on-site 7 days to accompany production (need to choose);

    4) we on-site commissioning and production training (need to choose when);

4.  Technical support:

    Any problems resulting from the process of your production can be easily handled by our sales service hotline and we have a perfect sales service process to ensure that your problem is

    solved in the shortest time..

   Our long-term commitment to researching and manufacturing of CZ type steel equipment, the long-term practical experience and customer production experiences are imposed on statistics

   and analysis, and in our technology website for customers to share.

 Focus, sharing is the attitude of our service!