What is Purlin Roll Forming Lines

Time: 2021-01-25 From: Xiamen Sinotok Machinery Co., Ltd.

Purlin rollforming lines are used in the field of building construction for industrial purposes and prefabricated constructions in general, The profiles can have variable sizes, holes and thicknesses. The profile width varies from 100 to 400 (700) mm, the heights from 40 to 100 (150) mm, the thicknesses from 1 to 4 (5) mm, with possible extensions of these ranges. The profiles come with the following section options, C-profiles, U-profiles, Z-profiles and Sigma or Zigma profiles, with the Plus version.

A flexible numerical control punching unit makes different holes according to the positions programmed via the computer. This means that the holes are carried out with maximum flexibility, both in terms of the type of hole and its position, either longitudinally or crosswise.

The production of C, Z, Sigma profiles can also be made with more traditional rollforming lines, where either the rolls are replaced or they are displaced with a cassette/raft changeover system or telescopic shafts. purlin rollforming lines can be integrated with an automatic stacking and packing systems.